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Hello, I´m Mercedes Lorente Peña; I was born in Madrid and at the age of six my parents decided to move to a town in Toledo where I currently reside, from there I began my passion for Dance and Flamenco I felt that I had it inside .

When I reached the age of majority, I entered the world of training and coincidences of life or not .

To this day I lead this entity with my partner where I began to grow within the training sector.


Im a National instructor of different modalities, with an experience of more than 18 years in the sector, Esteticien since 2006.

Currently I teach Zumba®️, Strong Nation, Gluteboom classes and manage together with my friend Silvia Vargas "Feda Toledo" (Spanish Federation of Directed Activities of the Province where we reside). 


Now we are growing within the virtual world, and these three thinking heads cross ideas to be able to create something cool and within everyone's reach to continue developing OUR- YOUR Physical Activity and be aware of all the news within Our FITNESS WELLNESS Sector.

One of the quotes that have always driven me, because for me it has a lot of strength and an emotional meaning is this:

LET'S GO !!!