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Alexander  Lopez


Continue your training at home with online fitness classes, you can book the classes you would like to do throughout the week directly from the web or you can also contact me for advice on the
classes that might interest you the most depending on your goals.
For more than 6 years as a personal trainer I have discovered that one of the most important factors that prevents us from achieving our results is the lack of time, which is why I have decided to do personal training through the following steps:

Initial assessment through a video conference:
Our first meeting to get to know us better, it is important that we know each other since
From that moment we will be in contact very often to achieve your goals.
We will also talk about your goals, current physical condition, possible injuries and lifestyle.

Creating a training routine:
After 1 - 2 days from our first meeting you will receive your training program which
It is developed specifically for you. From here we will start training to achieve your goals.

Personal follow-up
After starting our personalized training we will hold 2 video conferences
to speak and see your evolution, it is very important to speak with complete calm and confidence
about how you feel about your new lifestyle. When you have a new routine in your day to day
It is normal to observe some mood changes, they are usually always positive because you
You feel much better about yourself, but if the opposite is the case, I will be here 24/7 to help you feel better.

If you are interested in personal trainings you can contact me to advise you and help you start creating that change that you want so much.
Group trainings are designed for those people who would like to train in a small group of colleagues, family and friends or simply would like to be part of a group of people who have the same goal, with this training model I want you to have greater motivation with your training routine.

Performing a physical activity surrounded by peers makes physical effort more bearable. This is so due to psychological factors that drive us to continue physical activity if we see ourselves doing it with other people.

This training model is also dedicated to companies that would like to start creating a better connection between all people, thus giving them the opportunity to not only be at their jobs but also in a space where they will feel more comfortable with each other and to give way to know each other much more.

This service is only available in person

Book your ticket now to enjoy online fitness events
Due to the current situation before the expansion of the cov-19, all sporting events are suspended until they return to normal, soon more information on onfire fitness events and sessions.
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