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My name is Antonella. I was born in Salerno, a city in southern Italy and from a very young age I had to move many times because of my parents' work.

For many years I was looking for my identity without knowing it, until one day I met a person who allowed me to start a wonderful path in my life, who has supported me to recover my center, my true essence and to understand the beauty of learning to enjoy the life and its amazing gifts.


At the age of 25, after the death of my mother, I went to Madrid where I began my journey with meditation, yoga and, most importantly, personal development. I decided to train at the Jung High Performance School, questioning my paradigms and accepting to evolve with my fears, weaknesses and resistance.


And that's when I began to understand my passion for sports: since my childhood, what relaxed me the most was going for a run, riding a bike, dancing, hiking, boxing, step, playing volleyball (I was playing professionally during my adolescence) ... In fact, through physical activity I was promoting my emotional well-being thanks to the endorphins that are released with this practice (serotonin provides control of emotional expression; dopamine the gratification emotions; noradrenaline the attention, the learning, sociability and sexual desire).


As a result of that I decided to turn my love for physical activity into a profession and, after training as a sports instructor, I started working in a major chain of gyms in Madrid.

However, I soon realized that I was longing for something more. He saw fitness as a practice with high potential: helping to overcome physical and mental limits to achieve integral well-being and achieve happiness.


And when life, two years ago, offered me the opportunity to work as a fitness animator in large hotel chains, I understood the importance of enjoyment above all in order to achieve a goal.


John Milton in Paradise Lost stated "The mind makes its own place, and in itself it can make a heaven from hell, and a hell from heaven"


This is the case because "the power is within you" ...


Learning to embrace the beauty of life in all its fullness is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.


That is why my goal is, with this channel, to raise the well-being of fitness to its maximum power so that it becomes the engine of the integral change of our lives.


Together we will strengthen self-confidence and promote motivation, elements that not only lead to the success of any physical activity, but above all to a comprehensive well-being.


By feeding an open mind to optimism and a positive attitude, we can face the challenges of life, recover more quickly and continue to advance in our goals.


I already chose this path. Do you want to come with me?

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