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Hello, my name is Alexander López, I was born in a small city in Colombia called Caldas, I have lived in Toledo, Spain for more than 10 years and then I moved to Germany to continue learning about the world.


I studied at the Institute of Health Sciences and Physical Activity (ISAF) around 2012, then I focused on the fundamentals of the fundamental biology of the human body around 2014 and then started with my international certification as a Pilates coach and Personal Training.


My main engine of life is to always be in continuous training and learn more and more, that is why afterwards I graduated with different modalities of sports activities in the world of fitness as well as the management of sports companies.


I have been the director of several sports centers in Spain and remote personal trainer, as well as a sports coach in Germany; Since I discovered the world of directed activities, I have not stopped learning and continue to grow because of it in the middle of 2016 I was trained with various disciplines of directed activities to achieve one of my dreams, which was to teach courses, workshops and trainings around the world. in different festivals in the world of fitness; Currently I am still working on it and I am building one of my dreams called Onfire Fitness (You will know more about it very soon).


In the year 2020, after having a break, my brain has continued to think about keeping moving and what better way than to create sensations, emotions and feelings through virtual classes. One of the engines of my life is to continue creating happiness in people, create a new lifestyle and continue to change lives around the world.


One of my quotes that has always driven me is:


There is no greater happiness than giving happiness.